Our unique product saves you money and helps our planet.

X-Carbon removes the air from your fuel so it combusts more completely, cutting emissions, improving fuel economy, helping to restore your engine to ‘as new’ – so your engine is cleaner and greener.

Working for a greener tomorrow.

For a truck to get 23 MPG is absolutely SHOCKINGLY GOOD when the normal mileage is around 14 MPG. Thanks again for insisting I try it.

Hugh F Mason - BMW Service Centre

Each driver on our team dropped their lap times (between 2 to 8 seconds faster)… The proof is in the measured results, as the only change was X-Carbon®. You’ve made believers out of our entire race team!

Chris Willett - Racing Team

After careful analysis we have ALL determined that the benefits of using X-Carbon are undeniable – smoother idle, better mileage and the possibility of carbon eradication. What is this stuff?!

Hugh F Mason - BMW Service Centre

I was your biggest sceptic when you first talked to me… now I am a believer!

Christopher Sawyer - Founder of

I have never seen a reaction take place this quickly. I could hear the engine get quieter. I could feel it get smoother. I noticed that the throttle response had improved.

Christopher Sawyer - Founder of


Big reductions in carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions!

We all need to take care of our planet. X-Carbon is part of our commitment to a better environment - AND IT SAVES YOU MONEY!

The engine restoring effects of X-Carbon deliver huge benefits including reduced emissions, a smoother engine, longer engine life, more responsive acceleration and MORE MILES PER GALLON!

Driving for a sustainable future


You’ll save much more in fuel than you spend with X-Carbon!

Fuel prices are rocketing! Drive down your running costs, with better fuel economy and fewer visits to your mechanic.

X-Carbon means more MPG, and less maintenance and part-replacement - saving you time and money.


If your engine runs on petrol or diesel, X-Carbon will help you.

Cars, trucks, boats, generators... a single car to a whole fleet, X-Carbon makes sense at every scale.

It all comes down to cost in the end, costs to you and costs to our environment. X-Carbon reduces both! Great savings at home, and massive savings for businesses with company vehicles and machinery.


Put 20 years of research into your engine!

Tested on a huge range of engines worldwide, X-Carbon is the result of intense research and development - certified and evaluated for safety and effectiveness. (See Bureau Veritas, Intertek Certifications and Safety Data Sheet.)


See how it Runs!

How does X-Carbon restore your engine?

In simple terms, by removing air from the fuel so it becomes denser allowing it to burn more completely, which cleans and restores your engine’s interior, bringing it close to the manufacturer’s delivery standards. To maintain the benefits of X-Carbon just keep using it!

X-Carbon is the result of over 20 years of intense research and development.

The benefits to your engine are proven and certified. Wait until you try it and feel the difference. Reduced resistance and vibration means a smoother ride.

Selling for over a decade across the USA and parts of Africa, X-Carbon is at last launching into the UK and Europe.

The benefits of X-Carbon:

  • Emissions reduction.
  • Fuel savings (15% or greater).
  • Carbon deposits reduced and removed from the combustion chamber.
  • Smoother running engine (just like new).
  • Less vibration.
  • Improved performance.
  • Dead spot removal.
  • Quieter engine.
  • Longer engine life.

Solving an endemic problem.